A review – What have I concluded in 15 years

Going over 20,000 photos and 15 years of work for this website has shown me a lot.

1# Gear doesn’t matter for anything smaller than A3 print and the web. My work covers 8mp to 21mp cameras try and spot the difference. The best camera is the one you have on you.

2# Not every photo you take will be great. If I keep 2 photos a outing I’m happy, the rest learn from. Why did this photo not work, what should I have done better or different.

3# You never stop learning and you should see improvement over time. If not you need to ask why. This includes Photography and Post Processing your photos.

4# Many a great photo is a combination of luck and skill. Right place at the right time. Yes planning is important but getting out even more so.

5# Photography is a great stress reliever, getting out in the fresh air and exercise will do you more good than harm. Just be careful and mind your surrounding esp around water and heights.