Aucklands West Coast Beaches

Ruggerd, dangerous and ever changing, these are Aucklands west coast beaches. Perfect location for sunset photography and moody stormy photos. The length of this area is about 112km long and goes from Waiuku forest in South to Southhead in the north.

Awhitu Peninsula

Stripped of native trees and turned in to farm land eroison is a major issue out here, sandstone rock pounded by the ruggard coast makes for some very different scenes. With a lighthouse on the north point looking down over the Manukau entrance and bar, and where the Waikato river escapes to the sea at the south end this long streach of west coast is not very populated with many spots known only to locals. There are only a couple of beach access points.


Whatipu beach lies at the entrance to the Manakau harbour. This beach never stays the same due to shifting sands caused by the bar and the water that gathers inland in the swamp. It is by far my favorite beach in the Auckland region.


Karekare is best known for the setting of the movie “Piano” A very popular beach over summer for Aucklanders. Around from the car park is also Karekare waterfall.


Aucklands playground beach.


Not a very well known beach due to access. Getting there requires a long drive down a gravel road then a steep desent to beach. The walk back up is not for the unfit.

Bethals Beach

Bethals consists of 2 beaches, the second one is called O’Neils


Home of the Gannet colonies and great surf spot as well as fishermans rock …DANGER