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About Me

 Long before photography became an interest most of my life revolved around the countryside and the beach. Having grown up at Mt Managanui and then following a kiwifruit career in Te Puke/Katikati, landscape photography seems to come as second nature. I understood the weather and love the beach, waterfalls and the outdoors.

In my 30s Auckland life consisted of raising a family and paying a mortgage and I began to long for a way to rid the stress and find some quite me time. A lot of my photography revolved around Auckland’s west coast beaches. Seascapes and waterfalls.

While my first love is landscapes I have also been involved in motorsport, model, events and nature photography. It is through landscape photography that I began to have a desire to see New Zealand, but I was more interested in the spots that people don’t get to see, the off the beaten track locations. Spots that require a bit of a walk to get to.

This website is a collection of 15 years work (up to 2019). Some of my photos were taken nearly 15yrs ago when I was just starting out so the quality is not the best, however it is the memory’s and to showcase an area that’s more important to me. A moment in time.

My style is more realistic documentary than artsy, I do not over process my photos as I try to keep them as natural as possible. I generally shoot in landscape orientation with a 16:9 crop, most of my panoramic photos are a 5:2 crop. Moody dramatic photos are a common theme and you wont find many sunrise photos as I am not the morning type. Landscape photography and the weather dont always workout as you plan. Sometimes the light is on your side other times it just fades at the time when you want it the most. While some will only shoot in perfect light, I shoot in what ever conditions the landscape gives me. It always speaks to those who are willing to take the time to listen.

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