A review – Photography and gear

I guess I started taking photos back in about 2002 when I worked in a high school and teachers started getting small digital cameras for class work. I would borrow these little Sony cameras and just have a play. In about 2004 I brought a Sony F828 but with in a short time I grew frustrated that I couldn’t change lens. In 2005 I purchased a Canon 20D and it came with 2 kits lens. Its funny how quickly I wanted better lens. I sold the kit lens and with in a year I had upgraded to Sigma lens as canon L series lens were out of my budget. My focal range was 10mm – 500mm. This however was not to last long at all.

I don’t know what it was but I got it into my mind that what I really needed was a 5D. Canons first full frame camera, so off I went and got one. What I didn’t know was the sigma lens were designed for a cropped sensor and now I had a full frame sensor so I got dark edges around the frame. So they all got old and I started buying canon lens.

Half way through 2006 I decided I would try model photography, with that came the spending on setting up a studio, buying lights and all the associated bits and bobs, more money spent. It was during this time a model came with a partner who had a road bike that he raced at Pukekohe race track. While my 5D was a great landscape/studio camera tracking bikes at over 200km it couldn’t handle it. I purchased a 2nd hand Canon 1Dmk2 which was ideal as the 1 series cameras we designed for sports photography

Like all photography, each genre require certain tools and a long lens was what I needed for motorsport photography. Canon 300mm F2.8 will do the job so that’s what I got. So 2008 I had a 5D and 1Dmk2 plus a few lens. I had a made a few dollars but nothing compared to the amount I had spent.

Frustrated again with gear I decided its was time to get serious so I purchased a Canon 1Dsmk3 brand new. I did however make myself a promise that this would be a 10 year camera. So I sold up 2 cameras and 2 lens to pay for it. True to my word I never brought another camera until 2019.

In 15 years I have coved model, motorsport, event, nature and my favorite landscape photography. I have suffered from G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) which I think we all do :). 2019 saw a major change to my photography when an old back injury got re aggravated in a work place incident. Turned out I was misdiagnosed and after a full spinal MRI it was found that not only did I have a issue with a lower disk I also had a disk in my neck that was stuffed. To fix was to have both fused, trouble was if the operations didn’t work I would be physically worse off.

All my photography gear was way to much for me to lug everywhere. My backpack weighed 10kgs loaded plus tripod. I found going out fully loaded was way to much and caused me more pain that pleasure. Time to downsize my walking load. I now travel with 1 camera and only 2 lens with a small backpack and tripod. Mostly 24-105 and 100-400.